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Using ByteCode-Viewer for Malware Analysis


Why to use ByteCode-viewer for malware analysis? Bytecode viewer is a decompiler whose most relevant feature for malware analysis is the ability to decompile using six different decompilers. In addition, the bytecode viewer is also able to compile and edit code.

When to use ByteCode-Viewer ?

As we all know every standalone decompiler fails to decompile the whole code properly, as you can see in the picture below.

In these cases we can try and see the missing parts in Bytecode viewer, thanks to its ability to decompile in six different decompilers.

Using ByteCode-Viewer When Analysing Malware

How to Use for Malware Analysis?

  1. Download the latest version from and run the Bytecode-Viewer-2.9.x.jar. You may need to execute it via command line java -jar Bytecode-Viewer-2.9.x.jar (replace the X with the current minor version).
  2. Press the file tab → add → browse for your apk file.
  3. Prass the “view” tab and choose for each pane which decompiler to use by checking the box ”java” in the relevant decompiler. To apply your changes press the “refresh” button.
Using ByteCode-Viewer When Analysing Malware