Our Joint Research With Tenderly

Tenderly is an all-in-one development platform enabling Web3 developers to build, test, monitor, and operate smart contracts from inception to mass adoption. Our team at Sayfer recently worked with the fantastic team at Tenderly and helped them with a technical tutorial focused on creating Uniswap Pools.


Web3 development is complex making it challenging and cumbersome.

Web3 is currently in its innate stage, and numerous issues are faced by Web3 developers while creating and deploying various development solutions. Tenderly wanted to educate developers on the inner workings of Uniswap pools and help users create their own pools in Tenderly Sandbox.

The solution required a deep dive into different components of Uniswap and coming up with a simple and easily understandable guide that would help users create and deploy their pools.


We started by exploring Uniswap pools and the Tenderly ecosystem. Next, we analyzed gas usage, inspected the code, and simulated transactions. After a deep dive into the Tenderly ecosystem, we created an outline of the content for the guide and went into teaching mode. Finally, all the detail was supplemented by coding visuals guiding each step. 

To summarise, we simplified the whole process into three simple steps:
1. Deploy UniswapV3Manager and UniswapV3Factory
2. Deploy a pool
3. Add liquidity/mint a new position

Follow this link to read more.


The team at Tenderly loved our technical tutorial and made it publicly available. It reduced the need for handholding or support. Users found the whole process easy to understand, and it directly contributed to Tenderly’s vision of enabling Web3 developers to build, monitor, and operate smart contracts independently.

The Tenderly team was able to onboard tens of hundreds of new users using our technical tutorial.

About working with Tenderly

Building and deploying pools and working with different Web3 tools can be incredibly technical and complex, preventing mass adoption in this space. We witnessed first-hand how Tenderly solves this problem by helping Web3 developers take their development journey to the next level and create meaningful solutions for the web3 space.

Written By
Anna Shreder

Anna is a security researcher at Sayfer. She’s passionate about understanding and researching attacking and defending vectors that appear in new emerging technologies.

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