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Malware Analysis

We analyzed hundreds of malicious malware in different fields like Android, IoT devices and Linux.
We have spent enormous amount of time and iterations on our internal tools to understand thoroughly how the malware acts.

We focus on Android, IoT and Linux malwares. We are decompiling, sniffing the network, dynamic and static analysis the malware in a controlled environment.

The goal of malware analysis process is to understand how the malware works and what its goal. We will create a detailed and yet easy to understand report to share within your team.

Security Assessments

Sayfer’s red team specializes in simulating real life attacks and finding client’s specific vulnerabilities.

As part of our red team solution, we are trying to achieve full control over our client’s most valuable assets in order to prevent the real attacker’s from doing so.

We have the tools and skills to perform full blackbox and greybox attacks depending on our client’s needs.

We later research the best and the most cost effective solutions for our clients to implement in order to block future attacks.

What’s the difference from normal penetration testing? A penetration test is a shorter assessment that aims to find known vulnerabilities in your products.
Red Team on the other hand is a deeper assessment looking not just for the known vulnerabilities but also for never found before vulnerabilities (0-days) in your products

Penetration Testing

By performing Penetration Testing, using cutting edge tools, were able to provide our clients with fast, valuable, professional security pentest on their mobile, web, IoT and organizational networks systems.

Our team, equipped with the latest security tools, is ready to deliver thorough tests to identify system vulnerabilities in selected products, as well as flaws in applications, service and OS, loopholes in configurations, and potentially dangerous non-compliance with security policies.

All our penetration tests and security reviews designed to be SOC2 and ISO27001 compliant. If you aim to meet these standards we recommend routine security checks and penetration tests.

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