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Our Goal is to Keep Your Business Safe

To find where your project’s cybersecurity most vulnerable risk points, and help you protect them.
We do this first by extensively finding those weak points using our hacker-minded researcher and our business threat analysts.
We then help you find the best solutions and vendors for your project by always being on top of the latest cybersecurity developments.

Our Goal
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Sayfer is a leading consultant cybersecurity company. We specialize in making organizations safer with ad-hoc solutions that close the gaps common security products fail to reach.

By being professional but lean and open to customer desires, we are able to provide our clients with fast, valuable solutions that prevent major security breaches.
Sayfer is specialized in offensive defense, by leveraging approaches that imitate the attacker’s behavior, like reverse-engineering and vulnerability research, we are able to find novel security breaches in our client’s products and prevent the real bad guys from threatening our clients.

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Sayfer has vast security knowledge and bring a deep understanding of the risks associated with owning a business that is faced in front of bad actors who try to exploit vulnerabilities for their own gains.

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Sayfer employs a high end hiring process that attracts the industry's finest security researchers. Continuous research and learning opportunities place Sayfer in a position for identifying and adapting to new vulnerabilities and risks.


Sayfer works with the best up-to-date standards in the industry to make sure the deliverables have a high-end outcome with a baseline of quality between all of the company customers, while at the same time investing resources in each engagement to think outside the box

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