What is Smart Contract Auditing?

Smart contract auditing is the process of a 3rd party, the “auditor”, who reviews the smart contract’s code for potential vulnerabilities, best practices, performance, and gas optimizations. It is important to audit your smart contract on periodical timeframes to ensure the security level of the contracts.
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What Is The Process of Smart Contract Auditing?

Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting

During the meeting we understand the scope of the project, the risk points we should most focus on, and the time constraints of our client

Get a quote

A day after our meeting we will send a detailed proposal with all information needed, such as price, start date, and the starting time of the project.

Go under Audit

During this period which mostly takes a week or two, we will review the code and find vulnerabilities in it.

Fix our findings

During the meeting we understand the scope of the project, the risk points we should most focus on, and the time constraints of our client

We make sure they are fixed

We then make sure that the vulnerabilities we fixed correctly and actually close the security breach for good.

Become Safer and get a Certificate

We will provide you with our certificate of security as well as an update report to show your investors and clients you are secure.

Our Costumers

Hadar, CTO Etoro (GoodDollar)

Sayfer's team exceeded my expectations when they conducted a smart contract audit for our protocol. They went above and beyond to uncover complex vulnerabilities and provided valuable insights for ensuring the security and integrity of our contracts. I highly recommend Sayfer for any smart contract audit needs.

Yoann, CTO Request.Finance

The Sayfer team helped us with a structured project, a serious, smart contract audit and an extremely clear report with actionable findings. I recommend them for web3 projects which need any kind of security audit. Thank you, everyone.

What Is The Process of Smart Contract Auditing?

At Sayfer we are verifying every line of code while having a deep understanding of the architecture using the newest SCSVS standard. In addition to common attacks and best practices, it is important to also understand your own business logic and the idea behind every functionality.

An auditor’s mission is to understand the code, its goal, and what would bad actors will do to take advantage of the contract’s logic. The auditor uses automated tools and manual testing to perform a quality audit.

What Is The Process of Smart Contract Auditing

How Long Does it take to Perform Smart Contract Auditing

Usually 2-5 weeks. But this is very dependent on the project scope.
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Frequently asked questions

How much is the cost to perform an audit?

We have several packages. The lite audits start at 5000$. A complex project audit usually starts at a few thousand dollars.

How long does an audit take?

Somewhere between a few days and up to a month for more complex projects.

What is your availability? Can you start work on my project Immediately?

Sayfer tried to keep up with the fast pace of Web3. Hence we can start projects within one week’s notice.

What do I need to do before starting the audit process?

Finish the development of the contracts and application so the test will cover everything.

What do you need from me before the test?

Contracts code, and if there is a dapp, we’ll need credentials to use it.

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