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Our web3 and web2 technical knowledge help us provide additional security consulting services that help you cover your business needs from all angles.
The need for additional security consulting services came from our clients. We want to help you to put your business in a Sayfer place to mitigate future cyberattacks.
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Secure Cloud Architecture

Secure Cloud Architecture

We can review your architecture and talk about different approaches and opinions. In today’s environment of cloud, even if you ran a web3 business there are multiple use cases for the cloud which could be a potential attack vector.
Pre-coded Contract Architecture

Pre-coded Contract Architecture

If you haven’t yet coded your smart contract, we can discuss the opportunities and think about the security posture of your future business.
Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments

Understanding your business weaknesses and targeting a specific, high-risk area, is important for a healthy and secured business to make a risk assessment prior to any security assessment to understand which part of the business should get higher focus
Supply Chain Review

Supply Chain Review

For some businesses, there is a vast dependency on 3rd parties. This could be an API provider, authentication provider, freelancers or even just source code that was modified from different projects. We scan and verify the security level of these services and products to make sure you will not get breached by someone you trusted
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