Leap Wallet’s Comprehensive Audit by Sayfer’s Snap Audit

Introduction to Leap Wallet

Leap, much like our commitment to security, revolutionizes the wallet concept. Available as mobile apps for iOS & Android and as a browser extension, Leap allows you to explore over 50 Cosmos ecosystem chains seamlessly. It’s your all-in-one solution, covering basics like sending & receiving tokens, participation in governance,  swapping, and staking, as well as advanced features like NFT exploration and seamless DeFi integration—all within the Leap interface.

By conducting a snap audit using Sayfer, Leap Wallet gets to improve its security for long-term sustainability and rethink the idea of wallets in the booming DeFi space.

The Audit:

The audit conducted for Leap Wallet involved a meticulous review of their MetaMask Snap. Unlike a typical protocol audit, this examination focused on the functionality and security of their customized Metamask extension. Our audit encompassed a comprehensive assessment of Leap Wallet’s Snap code, ensuring the integrity and security of this extension.

In our rigorous assessment of Snaps’ security, Sayfer’s auditor prioritizes code quality through meticulous scrutiny. This includes adhering to industry best practices, rigorous error handling, and resource efficiency. Thorough documentation aids in vulnerability detection.

We also emphasize robust authentication and authorization, ensuring secure storage and encryption of private keys, as well as stringent permission checks for sensitive actions such as transaction signing and data access.

In response to the audit of Leap Wallet’s MetaMask Snap code implementation, the security and development teams demonstrated exceptional responsiveness. They swiftly identified and addressed potential vulnerabilities and bugs, underscoring their commitment to ensuring the highest level of security and reliability in their product.

In light of the rising prominence of MetaMask Snaps, preserving security and reliability is paramount. Drawing upon our extensive expertise in auditing Web3 applications, Sayfer stands ready to uncover and address potential vulnerabilities. Our commitment is to bolster the security and trustworthiness of the decentralized ecosystem.

Visit Leap Wallet Snaps to learn more about dApps integrating Snaps.

Written By
Avigdor Sason Cohen

Avigdor is a web3 security researcher at Sayfer. He’s passionate about new blockchain technologies and how we could make sure we develop them in a secure way.


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