Securing Your Web3 Projects With

Comprehensive Security Audits
Rigorous Penetration Tests
Thorough Key Management
Money-Back Guarantee
Web3 Native Experts
Money back guaranteed

We are committed to your success and confident in our capabilities to secure your projects.

That’s why we stake 40% of the audit price in a decentralized bug bounty as collateral for any vulnerability, error, or issue we missed during our audits.

We make a mistake, we pay for the patch-ups


They Trust Us

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Polkadot Logo

Why Sayfer


Global Clients


Secured by Audits


Client’s Hacked
Money Back Guarantee on Security Audits*


Years of Combined Experience
We Work with Any Budget

Our Services

Smart Contracts Audit

Ensure the security of your smart contract with a thorough line-by-line code analysis performed by expert auditors.

Penetration Testing

Detect vulnerabilities in your project through customized and controlled simulated cyber attacks.

Private Key Protection

Keep your keys and wallets safe and secure with Sayfer's reliable security tools.

Security Consulting

Secure every layer of your project, from ideation to deployment, with advice from the industry's top experts.

Let's talk

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